Workshop on Laws Related To Medical Men

Pre-Conference Workshop on “Laws related to Medical Men” was organized by Forensic department under the supervision of Department of Medical Education on Thursday, 16th February 2017 in Lecture hall no. 4, Aziz Fatimah Medical & Dental College, Faisalabad. The workshop was organized for department of Forensic Medicine. The main purpose of this workshop was to give awareness regarding the code and ethics of medical profession. The students of 3rd year participated in the workshop with great interest and passion. They performed the short skits on medical negligence.

Faculty and students in workshop

The guests were Prof. Dr. Ahmad Saeed, HOD Forensic department (Punjab Medical College), Prof Dr. khurram Sohail Raja (PMC), Assistant Professor Dr. Naeem (PMC), Associate Professor Dr. Humaira (PMC), Assistant Professor Dr. Samina (PMC), Senior Demonstrator Dr. Zunaira (PMC).

(Left to Right) Prof Dr. khurram Sohail Raja (PMC), Prof Dr Qaiser Mehmood (Principal-AFMDC), Lt.Col (Retd) Dr. Shahid Sharif (Chief Administrator- AFMDC) in workshop

The welcome address was given by Principal, Prof. Dr. Qaiser Mehmood. He appreciated the HOD Forensic Medicine Prof. Dr. Anwar Saood Saqib and his team for organizing an informative, interactive workshop on laws related to medical men. He said that it is very important for us to have an idea of medical ethics as well as medicolegal laws concerned with health issues. The way in which we deal the patient is not an ideal situation. The doctor must have an exemplary personality, should be a role model because we are treating human being. The medical profession is noble due to services to ill humanity in odd and difficult situation by attaining higher skills and sacrificing golden period of life, family and social activities. This profession gives you high status in the society due to human body related knowledge and moral values. We are in phase of transition due to limited resources and required competent professionals.

Faculty in workshop

Prof. Dr. Anwar Saood Saqib presented the philosophy of medical ethics and legal bindings for medical practitioners. He elaborated that every medical practitioner must have to follow the rules and procedures. The human body must be cared and respected by the doctors. We must try to observe the medical ethics which were based on the philosophy that human beings contain the spirit gifted by Almighty Allah, not to be negligence towards the patient, not to be merciless towards the patient not to prescribe any medicine or procedure which causes damage to human body.

Assistant Professor Dr. Naeem (PMC) spoke on professional misconduct. He said that abuse of medical practitioners’ privileges, abuse of doctor – patient relationship comes in professional misconduct. He emphasized that the abuse of professional knowledge, abuse of financial opportunities and association with unqualified persons in professional work also comes in professional misconduct. He elaborated the certain examples like canvasing with a view to have unreasonable gains, disregard of the responsibilities to the patients and profiting at the expense of colleagues are examples in daily life.

Students of 3rd Year performing skit on Medical Negligence

Prof. Dr. Khurram Sohail Raja (PMC) elaborated patient secrecy in medical profession. He told about the privileges, maintenance of ethical standards. Medical Profession is different from all other professions due to special relationship existing between a medical practitioner and his patient. Medical practitioner has privileged position having both skill and authority. While patient is at his mercy, dependent and in a state of complete surrender. He told about the medical negligence and its elements and their solution to avoid.

Prof. Dr. Ahmad Saeed, HOD Forensic department (PMC) emphasized the various codes of medical ethics. He explained that why ethical values in medical profession are deteriorating and the ways how can we improve and correct the concepts in the light of Holy Quran and Ahadeez.

(Left to Right) Associate Professor Dr. Humaira (PMC), Assistant Professor Dr. Naeem (PMC), Assistant Professor Dr. Samina (PMC), Senior Demonstrator Dr. Zunaira (PMC), Dr. Ahmad Saeed, HOD Forensic (PMC), Prof Dr Anwar Saood Saqib (HOD Forensic, AFMDC) Prof. Dr. khurram Sohail Raja (PMC) organizing committee for Forensic Conference

Prof. Dr. Noor Akbar Sial, HOD Medical Education appreciated the HOD Forensic Medicine and his team on organizing such an interactive and interesting workshop. He also appreciated the students who participated in skits and in making informational and creative posters. He emphasized that it is a duty of doctor to check necessary instruments, medicines and required facilities before starting operation. This can reduce the chances of mishandling leading to morbidity and mortality. In any sort of treatment proper knowledge, skill of procedures and proper operative techniques are needed to avoid negligence. As a surgeon we must know the indication for treatment, availability of the necessary equipment in the hospital and competencies of treating surgeon. He paid thanks to all guests who spare their precious time for this pre conference workshop of Forensic at AFMDC.

In concluding remarks Principal Prof Dr. Qaiser Mehmood appreciated HOD Forensic Medicine Prof Dr. Anwar Saood Saqib, participating students and Medical Education department for conducting this workshop in AFMDC.