Mehfil-A-Eid Milad - Un - Nabiﷺ

The mehfil started with the recitation of Holy Quran by Ali Usman (4th Year) followed by translation by Abdullah (2nd Year). Miss ZainabZulfiqar (3rd Year) and HamzaRana (2nd Year) students of AFMDC carried out the responsibility of comparing in this holy event.

The participants offeredHadiya e Tabaruk to the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) with full devotion, love and respect. A highly talented group of students includingMuhammad Yawar from 1st Year, Mahnoor Fatimah, HamzaGoraya, DuaNadeem and Mariam Sultan from 2nd Year, Muhammad Bilal, Eman Fatima, YamnaRasheed, AsmaEhsan, Rabia Noor and Rohma Zia from 3rd Year and Ayesha Laraib from 4th Year participated in this event.

NoraizJillani and SamanJaved from 3rd Year delivered their speech on SeeratUnNabi& highlighted the various aspects of Hayat-e-Tayabaof Rasool-e-Maqboolwith full devotion and enthusiasm.

Principalof AFMDC Prof. Dr. QaiserMehmoodin his concluding remarks appreciated the efforts of organizing committeecomprising of Prof. Dr. UsmanLatif, Prof. Dr. Farah Amir, Prof. Dr. Farida Manzurand students for conducting such a glorious ceremony on EidMilad Un Nabi. He reiterated the students to demonstrate teachings of the Prophet in their life. He prayed that“May Allah reward all those who took part in the glorious events and give them success in this life and Hereafter”(Ameen).

Special “Dua” was offered for acceptance of our humble effort of Hadiya - e -Tabaruk to Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) by QariRehanWaheed.

The certificates were distributed to the participants by thePrincipal AFMDC through Dr. Nasir Aziz, Professor of Pathology who was on visit to the college as an external examiner.